Ice Management

Manufacture and supply iceberg management equipment.

Iceberg Sweep Net

Used for the collection and removal of several small growler bergs.

Superberg Net

Used for individual bergs of large size.


Used in the system set up with the SWEEP NET and SUPERBERG NET used on their own for individual bergs.


Our Products

All our products, including the SWEEP NET, SUPERBERG NET AND TOWLINES, are made from modern materials chosen to achieve success in three key areas:

  • Strength
  • Safety
  • Easy to handle

Using high strength dyneema fibre means we can achieve high breaking loads on light weight products making them easy to handle and deploy. The ropes used have low stretch and energy absorption which reduces snap back and increases crew safety.

Should the vessel require we can also provide handling units which are custom built for the deployment and retrieval of the NETS and TOWLINES. The units can be independently powered or integrated into the vessel hydraulic systems.

For each customer and project we have a consultation process to identify the exact requirements needed, thereby enabling us to propose the product that will provide the solution to the project about to be undertaken.

Feel free to contact us for further information of any of our products.