Extremely High Strength
Fibre Rope

Wealth of experience in hand splicing both steel wire ropes and fibre ropes.

We specialize in the supply of fibre ropes for many different applications.
While being able to offer solutions to enquiries utilising many different fibre rope products we have the added advantage
As members of the Hampidjan Group of being able to access to the most technologically advanced ropes in the world.

By choosing our advanced DynIce and DynIce Dux ultra-high performance ropes for offshore applications, our customers be sure that they are using products that are at the cutting edge of known technology.

The longest rope of this type in use now for deep sea lifting is a DynIce Warp 30 mm in one length of 12 km. Longer lengths and larger diameters are possible.


Large diameter DynIce Deep Sea ropes for heavy lifts and extreme deep sea lowering and lifting.


Specialised high performance DynIce Warp ropes for extreme deep sea lowering and lifting.


Custom-made DynIce Heavy Lifting Slings with minimum intersling tolerance.


Adjustable lifting slings for maximum accuracy and minimal preparation time for complex lifting operations.


Lightweight data transfer cable for deep sea operations.


Combined messenger rope and winch rope with no visible connection.


Strong and lightweight longlines for aerial lifting.


High strength flat webbing for specialised strapping.


High strength anti-tangle taglines with firm grip.


High performance ropes for various applications with high strength and durability.


DynIce Webbing Protection & DynIce Eye Protection.


DynIce Separation Ropes

The accurate distance between the streamers is of high importance and not least how the distance will keep for the lifetime of the separation rope.

DynIce Dux is free of constructional elongation and will not change from initial setup throughout its working life. During setup the splices are also pre-tensioned to remove elongation form the from splice itself.

There are three main versions of DynIce Separation Ropes available:

  • Plain DynIce Dux spliced in both ends. This rope will give the highest strength compared to the diameter.
  • Coverbraided DynIce Dux with hairy fairings according to individual users specifications.
  • Coverbraided DynIce Dux with plastic wings according to individual users specifications.

The The Dynice Deflector Straps are unique as they have very small tolerances or only +/- 10 mm in lengths up to 10 metres. Moreover they keep within the tolerances throughout the lifetime and also maintain their the strength. In this way they have proven to be unmatchable by other types of straps and are now the preferred choice of the major seismic companies.

The length accuracy is the key factor to set the exact angle of the deflector and keep it constantly steady and secure in use. are unique as they have very small tolerances or only +/- 10 mm in lengths up to 10 metres.


The first DynIce Superwides were taken into use in 1993 as the first ones to replace steel wire on seismic vessels. Since then they have been the preferred choice of the main seismic companies. The advantage is excellent abrasion resistance and very durable coverbraid to protect the wide tow rope from abrasion and cutting. Moreover it has been proven to be superior in perpendicular steel wire cutting tests compared to other similar ropes.

The newest patent pending generation of wide tow ropes combines the newest and most advanced materials available today from Dyneema®. The onboard sheave section is made of DynIce Ultrabend and the main length of DynIce 75. The outer end is tapered to double thickness next to the deflector to tolerate better cutting and bending fatigue which can appear in that part. The wide tow rope is however seamless as the material and construction changes gradually in the rope there are no visible joins.


Long lasting high performance mooring ropes for wire replacement.


Long lasting high performance mooring ropes for wire replacement.

If soft rope is needed to fold down in a container a DynIce rope without cover braid is suitable but for winches cover braided rope similar to the LNG mooring rope is recommended. The cover will protect the rope from abrasion and cutting to ensure a long working lifetime. Handling is easy due to the low weight and mooring takes less time than with other synthetic ropes or wire ropes.


Spark free, easy handling and long lasting mooring lines for Liquid Natural Gas tankers.

DynIce Mooring ropes are non-conductive and will not discharge static electricity creating sparks. The DynIce Mooring ropes are compact, round and suitable to use on deck mooring rope winches. The lifetime is long as the ropes do not corrode and are not affected by sunshine and UV rays. Handling is very easy due to the low weight of the rope.



Dynice Towing Ropes are ideal for harbour towing, open-sea & emergency towing

DYNICE towing ropes with comparable size and strength to wire ropes but with only a fraction of the weight are ideal to use for harbour towing.

The use of Dyneema® ropes started in harbour towing and since then has moved on to escort, rescue and open-sea towing.

Increased safety

Because of the low energy storage in the rope there is less risk of accidents if the rope fails. Hand injuries because of broken wires have disappeared and the low handling weight of DYNICE rope reduces back injuries.


Harbor towing operations are easier and faster with use of DynIce Tug lines and the lifetime exceeds many times the lifetime of conventional steel wire and polyester ropes.

The DynIce Tug rope floats and is light to pull up through the fairlead and attach on the bollard. The lightness speeds up the operation and each tug can handle more tows each day. Smaller crews are needed due to the lightness and flexibility of the rope.

The DynIce Tug ropes are coverbraided with Dyneema® to protect the strength member inside from abrasion. While the cover is intact the rope inside remains in perfect condition.


The DynIce towing rope floats and is easy to pull up through the fairlead and attach on the bollard. Each end of the towing rope is coverbraided to protect from onboard abrasion and eyes are protected with soft DynIce sleeves. The main rope can be with coverbraid and especially if the DynIce is stored on a winch between operations.

As the axial stiffness is similar to steel wire a additional section of nylon rope is used to dampen peak loads during towing.


Complete Emergency Towing systems for vessels 20-50.000 DWT and over 50.000 DWT. These kits are in full compliance with resolution MSC.35(63) of the 1994 SOLAS convention and the amendments in MSC.256(84).

The system consists of light buoy attached to highly visible yellow messenger line. The messenger line is connected to the main towing line. The main towing line has large eyes in each end with thick and durable eye protection sleeve. All ropes are DynIce 75 made from Dyneema® and each part of the system is buoyant.

The ETS system is stored in heavy duty polyethylene container with strong top cover which is easily and securely closed with rubber straps. The container is prepared to be easily secured on deck.

The systems ropes are tested and certified by DNV and approved according to SOLAS regulations.

DynIce is the perfect choice for lifting in off-shore lifting operations.


DynIce is the perfect choice for lifting slings in off-shore lifting operations.

Complicated lifts of complex objects need less preparation as DynIce lifting strops are light and easy to handle.

Adjustable slings ease and speed up accurate setting of sling length to ensure right load distribution and maintaining the shape of the object during lifting. This is quite important for fragile lifts like oil well jumpers and trees where the setup can take long time with conventional steel slings and hardware. DynIce Adjustable Slings can reduce the time needed to set the length to within only one hour for a jumper.

Safety in use is higher due to less weight and softness of the strops used.


DynIce Data is unique Patent pending fibre rope with a central copper conductor and dense copper screen to protect the signal from interference.
The line is made for both winch drums and traction winces and is suitable for scientific research where data transfer or control of tools is needed.


Specially designed DynIce helicopter lifting lines to replace conventional steel lifting slings. The lightness and softness of the lifting lines improves safety in use and ease lifting operations. The DynIce Heliline is non-conductive and spark free.

There are two basic types available in DynIce Heliline Compact and DynIce Heliline Canvas. Both lines are spliced at both ends and delivered with stainless steel thimbles.

The DynIce Heliline Compact is coverbraided with tight and durable Dyneema® cover impregnated with glow-in-the-dark pigments for better visibility during night work.

DynIce Heliline Canvas is protected with strong canvas in bright red colour. The canvas can be opened over the whole length to inspect the rope inside and place various control cables inside if needed.

Both types of DynIce Heliline rope can be delivered in storage bags clearly marked with the type.

The lines are proof loaded and delivered with certificates.


In extreme depths DynIce outperforms all other types of crane and winch ropes. As the rope is lighter than water there are no depth limitations as for other materials. Wire ropes are heavy and as longer length is used the payload becomes less as the wire needs to bear its own weight.

DynIce Deep Sea winch lines are the most innovative and advanced rope designs available and have proved themselves in use down to to depths of 3600 metres in continuous operations for extended periods.

The DynIce Deep Sea rope is made for both drum winches and traction winches and its design and unique production process is protected by several independent patent pending applications.